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Now your family, friends, and pets can stay cool on your shaded patio decks during hot summer days! Patio sun shades filter both the heat and glare of the sun while the opaque fabric maintains the open and airy environment you love while dining, relaxing, or entertaining on your patio/deck. Yes, the shades also provide a level of privacy and will make a difference in the temperature of your home!

Testimonial Spotlight  

"Claude,  Well it is always a great-great joy when a project not meets but beats expectations by a mile-a long mile!  Especially when I had no expertise in this area.  We are soooo pleased with the Shade.  I attached before and after photo's.  As we spoke our main issues were that the my French doors face west here in Dallas, Texas, so they get sun from 1pm-8pm every day and the heat just funnels into the house, which caused two problems a) too much heat penetrated into the house thru the windows, my AC unit was always running and since this was my home office I would be so-so hot every afternoon.  b)  The doors themselves get damaged from the heat and I had to refinish them every year which is costly.  We placed the order with y'all to full installation took only 9 days, amazing!  Since the installation we are amazed of the performance and heat reduction.  A added benefit is that no-one can see in but we have a clear view out, great for privacy.  Also important since this is in front of the house is the esthetics were very important and we love the look when the shade is down either partially or fully down.  When the shade is fully up you cannot even see the shade which is great. 

So needless to say thank you very much for your guidance, experience and expertise which all really helped us.  Your follow-up after the installation has been great and we feel really great.  

Thanks again.  Michael "